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Why Was I Audited? Why Was My Business Audited?

If you are wondering why your tax return became subject to an IRS audit, you should know that the IRS uses a few standard methods to choose which tax returns are given a closer look. These methods include:

  • Information matching: Employers and other entities that provide you with income send your W-2s and 1099s to the IRS. If the income reported on your return does not match the amounts reported on these tax forms, the return is likely to be audited.
  • Computer scoring: A computer program will score your return based on the likelihood that you have misreported income. IRS agents then pick the highest scoring returns and will analyze them to see if there needs to be a tax adjustment.
  • Abusive tax avoidance transactions and foreign accounts: If you are suspected of participating in or promoting tax avoidance, or if you have foreign bank accounts, you can expect greater scrutiny.
  • Related examinations: If your business partner or a similarly related party has been audited, there is a good chance that your return will be audited as well.

In addition to the above, returns may be selected for an audit due to local campaigns, such as compliance initiatives, or as the result of information provided by informants.

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