Frost Law Successfully Represented an Angler in a Fishing Tournament in Ocean City, MD

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Frost Law, formerly known as Frost & Associates, LLC, successfully represented an angler in the White Marlin Open Fishing Tournament in Ocean City, MD, who was moving to get another angler disqualified for alleged rule violations. With over $2.8 million in dispute over the top fish, our client stands to collect a substantial portion of the proceeds. This is one of the largest fishing tournaments of its kind, and one of the largest amounts paid for a winning fish.

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Ten months following the tournament, a decision regarding the white marlin catch dispute has been reached. Honorable Richard D. Bennet ruled in favor of the tournament’s precise guidelines and ruled against angler Philip Heasley of the Florida fishing vessel, the Kallianassa. Heasley will not be entitled to the $2.8 million-dollar prize for catching the 76.5-pound white marlin, as he failed to comply with the tournament’s strict timeline and necessary polygraphs. According to tournament regulations, anglers cannot cast their lines before the official 8:30 AM starting time. During the polygraph process, when asked about detailing his timeline for fishing that morning, Heasley reported, “I don’t wear a watch.” The testimony lasted a total of two-weeks, until the judge ruled in favor of the protection of the tournament guidelines and the other honest anglers.

The Ocean City tournament prides itself on its specific criteria for participating crews and continues to act with integrity, as demonstrated by the proceedings of this case. With this particular ruling, anglers will find relief in knowing the tournament and its high standards will be preserved. This year marks the 44th annual date for the White Marlin Open.

With so much at stake, it was imperative to demand consistency and honesty. The winnings will now be awarded to anglers in other catch classes, including the blue marlin category, whose angler is represented by Frost Law. Both its client and Frost & Associates will be honored for their integrity in this trial and look forward to their deserved recognition from the tournament.

You can read more about the case on the WallStreet Journals website here, and The Baltimore Sun here.


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